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About Us

About us

We are here to Security Solution with years of experience

We provide security for multiple category of services.Bouncers have an important role to maintain the safety and security and keeping everything controlled such that the guests can enjoy the event.It becomes extremely important to train the bouncers with mental and physically challenging activities to ensure they understand in how to deal in hostile environments and crisis situations. We have worked hard to provide the finest quality experience to work appropriately in any location in Kerala.

Our clients reputations and your security is our first priority.... Our actions always reflect our values.Commitment We deliver the highest quality services possible and strive to achieve excellence. We are a partner to our clients, helping them to achieve their goals.

  • Campus Perimeter Combat Security
  • Women Safety and Transport Security
  • VVIP Security
  • Event Management Security
  • Banking Institutional and Customer Safety
  • Secure Transit Security
  • VIP Programme
  • Launches, ceremonies, club parties etc.
Why Killer Bouncers

We aspire to deliver Prime Service to Our Client

Our Company makes every effort to ensure the following code fo ethics